If you’re here, you must have a question. I’ve answered the most common questions below. If you do not see an answer to your question, you can always contact me.


Q: Is all the PLR here created by you?
A: Most of it is. Items that are not created by me are stated on the products’ description pages.


Q: Can I submit your articles to ezines, etc?
A: Yes you can. Ideally, you would be better off using the articles on your own website or blogs, etc.


Q: If I ask for a topic that isn’t here, will you create PLR for me?
A: Yes I will. The PLR will be put for sale on this site.


Q: Do your products come with a money back guarantee?
A: Yes. They all come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Q: Is it safe to order from your website?
A: Of course! 🙂 I use secure payment processors such as e-junkie and Warrior Plus to process payments.


Q: Why do you use 2 different payment processors?
A: For products that I release on the Warrior Forum, I use Warrior Plus to process the payments. When I sell those products here, I use the same processor. For products unique to this site, I use e-junkie.


Q: What makes you different from all the other PLR providers out there?
A: I can eat and juggle fire 🙂


Q: Do you provide coaching?
A: No. Maybe in the distant future… maybe.


Any more questions? Ask me here.