PLR Packs For Embarrassing Niches

Embarrassing niches are great niches to get into if you’re an online marketers. For starters, there are millions of desperate people looking for answers and one of the first places they go to for answers is the internet. If you have a site dedicated to providing info to these people with links to products that will solve their problems, you will definitely make a ton of sales and be helping people at the same time.


There are many excellent guides available on ClickBank and Amazon that deal with these embarrassing problems. If someone finds out that he or she has a couple of genital warts growing, the first thing they will do is look for solutions online secretly because they may be too embarrassed to see the doctor or tell anyone. 


I checked out some of the common embarrassing niches and found that there is a dearth of information available and any marketers wishing to go into these niches would have to either write their own content or hire someone else to do it. One is painstaking work and the other is expensive. In the few cases where PLR was available, they were mostly low quality articles.


I actually purchased one pack from a site that seemed to have PLR for many of these niches. The quality of the articles were horrendous and left much do be desired. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and take on 10 embarrassing niches and create PLR packs for each niche. In most packs, I’ve included a review of a popular ClickBank product for that niche. It’ll help any marketer who plans to sell their readers products.


Bruxism has thousands of searches a month. People who suffer from bruxism or TMJ, often grind their teeth at night. Not only do they wear down their teeth, they also do not sleep well. 


Pearly Penile Papules is another highly embarrassing problem where men get many small, harmless bumps on the rim of their penis. It’s often mistaken as an STD when it’s really harmless. Many women are turned off when they see these little bumps and this affects a man’s sex life and erodes his confidence, to say the least.


Porn Addiction is a major problem. Many people spend hours watching porn and their lives revolve around it. Like many addicts, they wish to kick the habit but don’t know how to. This is a desperate niche looking for answers.


Genital Warts is an STD that millions of people are suffering from. This problem cannot be cured but natural remedies have been proven to be quite effective against these ugly warts. 


Vitiligo is another problem that can’t be cured. However, there are ways to keep the problem in check.


Ringworm can be cured using over the counter medication. However, some people are much more susceptible to this problem. For them, there are holistic methods that will boost their immune system.


Varicose Veins are another ugly problem that is mostly harmless but can affect a person because they are unsightly and embarrassing.


Leaky Gut Syndrome is not a disease. It is mostly the result of a poor diet that is causing the intestines to have issues. Nautural remedies can deal with this problem very easily.